A father of two is adapting to life with three ostomy bags after his battle with Crohn’s disease left him facing six hours of emergency surgery.

Diagnosed with the chronic illness in 2011, Damian Bellis, 33, saw his symptoms worsen at Christmas, leaving him in excruciating agony.

He was told he was ‘hours’ from getting septicemia after an infection was discovered in his abdomen and lower pelvis.

Damien, who is from Llanfairfechan, Wales, told Daily Post: ‘The infection in my small intestine was leaking into my large intestine.

‘Because of the Crohn’s, there were holes in the small intestine and they had partly become fused together.’

Crohn’s disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease which currently has no cure – but it can be somewhat managed by taking a variety of different medication. Surgery for a stoma is often necessary.

It can affect any part of the digestive system as well as coming with many other physical symptoms, including fatigue.


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